In terms of infrastructure, Australia is a developed nation. We have a (mostly) affordable healthcare system, access to effective medical intervention and a welfare system that, while imperfect, is still more comprehensive than many other countries. So why do we still hear stories of people who have been so grossly failed by the system that they have become casualties to it?


Here’s a few photos I took from the NAIDOC march in Melbourne today!

We started from the Aboriginal Health Service and marched into Federation Square. At the intersection of Bourke and Swanston Street, we all gathered in a circle. We danced, listened to music and connected with the land. Later on, we formed an even bigger circle when we got to the intersection of Flinders and Swanston Street. There, we held a coroboree again. A young woman also sang “Took The Children Away” by Uncle Archie Roach. After then arriving at Federation Square, there was a small concert with performances from Bart Willoughby & Band and Uncle Johnny Lovett.

There was a massive turnout today with lots of talk about land rights, the issues we have to overcome in our communities and sovereignty. We’re becoming more awakened and vocal. If we keep this up, we will be able to get a movement happening. A movement to end Black oppression in Australia, to begin the process of writing treaties and to ensure that our land, laws and peoples are wholly acknowledged and respected. The road to healing starts now!

To reaffirm what the marshals were protesting through their megaphones; “pump those Black fists, raise your flags and speak up!”

Keep being deadly, you mob!



Tony Abbott recoiled in horror as his attempt to repeal the carbon tax failed.

"But… but… I trusted you Clive!" he wailed. "You bloody independent senators!" he hissed at the members of PUP. "You’re just inexperienced! That’s why you’re disagreeing with me!”

Later, at home, Tony was sobbing…